Marijuana Bud Trimmer

Holy Moly!  Today I’m gonna talk about a marijuana trimmer

Now, this is something you won’t see your regular grandma admitting to but people suggested that the more honest the blog, the most entertaining it gets. So let me tell you something that a former professor from a reputable university won’t admit to! Well…maybe if they are from Vancouver they may, but I have been recommended to smoke medicinal marijuana from time to time…and I definitely enjoy it..!

Anyways, I was researching the industry and seems like its getting deregulated pretty darn fast across north America. Its even legal in Uruguay! So as the industry gets deregulated and more people start getting a legal license to grow pot, these grow operation get larger in size.

Now, as the operation gets larger, more processing power is needed in order to process the plants and trim the bud. Getting people to trim the marijuana could be highly labour intensive, so people use marijuana trimmers to trim out the leaves so the end result is the bud!

This industry is currently undergoing robust growth, which increased the demand for bud trimmers, so much so that, people started mimicking and creating awful performing replicas out of existing machines.

The trimmer market was in chaos.

Enter this bud trimmer review company, these guys have such a smart concept! What they are aiming to do is enter this industry, which is still in a low market sophistication stage and bring clarity to all the chaos. They review all the existing brands and websites and inform the customers which companies are most relevant to their trimming needs. Then they also give customers the ability to purchase the trimmer on the spot – with free shipping across the world! Now, that’s a very clever, business model, being implemented on a growing niche.

I expect great things out of this start-up. Business Owners, take notes, and consider how you can provide reviews, advice to become the authority in your field.

Cleaning Services In Vancouver

Hey Marin Readers,

Today, I came across one of the most interesting marketing techniques in a while. This carpet cleaner in Vancouver, has done something with his marketing that left me in shock. I was looking for cleaning services in Vancouver to clean up the mess that my grandsons created when they over, last week. These kids, I tell you, all they do is eat the tasty yummies that grandma creates for them and play Bird is Angry on their itabs.. haha that’s what I call them.

So my daughter in law said she’ll clean up after them but she had to run, because the youngest one, also the most adorable one, had to go for swimming lessons. Leaving me to take care of the mess. Oh Lordy, I love when these little midgets too much.

This happens almost every single time, so I decided to do something about it. I searched online for a couple of companies including Citrus Cleaners and saw what this carpet cleaning vancouver company was doing…

Super smart and clever.

They offer their customers a chance to try out their services at FOR FREE!! For 60 minutes. Without any obligation for more work. I thought that was pretty brilliant marketing. So ofcourse, I was tempted to call them but my daughter in law felt bad, asked me not to, and insisted that she’ll clean up the mess. She’s such a sweetheart.

But back to the business lesson here, these guys make it effortless for serious customers to try out their services and I bet they do such a great job that customers end up hiring them to clean up their entire home. I saw they did gutter & duct cleaning in Vancouver too..

Check out their site: Arman Expert Services

Good job guys for your cleverness. Local business owner, take notes!